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Jesvin Joseph

I'm Business Analyst, JJ ENTERPRISES from Toronto, Canada. The design of Container Pools with the basic inputs was delivered in time. The designs exceeded customers expectation. On several accessions technical suggestions were given by Sam's team for manufacture feasibility. I highly recommend my customer who are looking different avenues for project.

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Rakshita Sulegai

THE DARK DIP is my homemade chocolate making business located at Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

 I needed a logo for Promotion and branding. My connect introduced me to Sam's designs. My experience with Sam's designs was Outstanding, connecting my thoughts with touch of classy feel, induced a feeling-to-taste experience to customers.

Logo suits my other products candles as well. Chocolates and Candles go together for a accession,  for every occasion. So, the candles are also lit in the logo. Just have a keen look. A flame indicates the happiness, lit with events which makes immemorial.

I recommend everyone to get their brand logo done with Sam's Designs. They have the best quality logo making, they are very creative and responsible in logo designing. They add value and feel-to-like factor in their result.

I am, Looking forward for making custom mould for my chocolates and candles.

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